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  • A Powerful Testament to Redemption

    Pastor Al Peratt’s life is a powerful testament to redemption. A former drug trafficker and convicted felon, Pastor Al draws from a wealth of personal experience as he leads Volunteers of America Dakotas' prison ministry. “Pastor Al reaches out to those who society rejects. Having been incarcerated himself, Pastor Al has been called to reach out to those inside the walls of prison."

  • The Moe the Merrier

    Marilynn Moe may have moved into one of our senior-living and care community, but she is not the type to slow down. She’s practically a one-woman welcoming committee! She's a woman on a mission: making sure every one of her 120 fellow residents feels at home.

  • Providing Stability for a Veteran and Her Kids

    "After I finished my service, I found myself homeless and hopeless with my daughter and pregnant with my son but the mere thought of residing at Blue Butterfly Village gave me hope to keep going." Learn more about veteran Tasha and her family's story of lives changed for the better in one of our affordable housing properties.

  • "We went through a very hard and long 2 years homeless."

    ​Can you imagine being a single mom with two children as well as an honorably discharged veteran - and homeless? That is what happened to Melissa Fernandez and her two kids. In her own words, Melissa explains how Volunteers of America Greater Los Angeles' Blue Butterfly Village, a two bedroom townhouse community for formerly homeless families, turned their lives around.​

  • An Independent Life

    A young student and a standout athlete loses first his sight and then his hearing. Would he ever be independent again? Learn how Volunteers of America Illinois' Spruce Manor, an apartment community specifically designed for individuals with disabilities, allowed Willie to live in his own place.

  • From Addiction to Recovery: Amy's Story

    Amy Kalber spent years struggling with her addiction, but today, she has been sober for more than five years after receiving Volunteers of America Mid-State's life-saving services at Freedom House. Amy, who is now working towards a social work degree at the University of Louisville shared that during her recovery, Volunteers of America helped her rediscover who she is as a person at her deepest core.

  • Army Veteran Saved from Homelessness and Reunited with His Three Sons

    Dwayne served in the Army for eight years but his military career was sidelined when he suffered multiple strokes. Unable to work, Dwayne and his three sons faced a bleak future with limited options. But with the help of Volunteers of America Northern California and Northern Nevada, Dwayne was saved from homelessness and reunited with his three sons.

  • The Effect of Moral Injury: Bobby’s Story

    “This place is helping me become independent. I can relate to a lot of the other veterans here. I’m working on managing my PTSD, other issues, and doing a lot of processing, cognitive behavioral therapy, which really helps me survive in the real world, " Bobby, a Volunteers of America client and veteran.

  • Helping Veterans in Their Fight Against PTSD

    What makes Jim stand out to the veterans living at the Volunteers of America shelters in Los Angeles is that he's been right where they are. Meet Jim, a veteran of the Iraq war who went from receiving help to giving it by becoming an employee of Volunteers of America.

  • A Thanksgiving - and Christmas - Miracle

    As employees of Volunteers of America, we are blessed to be able to witness miracle moments when we see just how much our support means for the veterans, seniors and families we serve. Here is one such moment when a single mom's Thanksgiving was brightened as was her Christmas when she found employment that December.